Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth

Building a healthier community

Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth (MACY) is working to make Marshfield the best place to raise a family.

Formed in 1990, MACY is currently striving to reduce and prevent the use of alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin and drugs by Marshfield youth. The coalition's work is supported by Marshfield Clinic Center for Community Outreach.

The mission of MACY is to mobilize diverse community members and identify resources for the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse and related to develop environments which foster resilient and healthy youth and families.

Guided by a Steering committee, consisting of a Chairperson, 1st Vice-Chair and 2nd Vice-Chair, MACY is working on several activities to reduce substance abuse among youth in the Marshfield area including:

Marshfield Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Program – a program designed for school-aged youth who have committed an underage drinking violation. First time offenders are given an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program in lieu of more severe consequences.

Marshfield C.A.R.E.S. (Community Alcohol Resources for Establishments and Servers) – a program recognizing local establishments who are actively working to reduce underage drinking by adopting voluntary practices designed to prohibit youth from accessing alcohol and to promote responsible alcohol use among adults.

Marshfield Area Parent Network (MAPN) – unites parents, the community and local schools in an effort to promote and maintain a safe and healthy, alcohol and drug free environment for youth.

Media – newspaper, radio and television is used to educate and advocate for youth substance abuse prevention. Since 2006, the media committee supports the implementation of the Parents Who Host Lost the Most campaign.

Parents Who Host Lose the Most – an annual awareness campaign developed by Ohio Parents for Drug Free Youth. Campaign materials are designed to educate parents and other adults about the legal consequences of serving alcohol to an underage person.

Drug Task Force – a workgroup developing a comprehensive plan to reduce prescription drug misuse.

Wood County Crime Stoppers Tip Line – a tool to report underage alcohol or drug use. It is marketed by MACY and uses four forms of communication:

Marshfield Area Youth Initiatives – Formed in 2010, mirroring the Youth Initiatives group that has been active in the southern end of Wood County for the past five years, youth develop an action plan during the summer to implement youth lead activities in the upcoming school year at both the private and public schools in Marshfield.